American: Hispanic and Latino Americans and American Vs Essay

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American vs. Hispanic
Language, a form of expression that is used daily to convey our feelings, thoughts, and emotions to others. It’s something that plays a very huge part in all our lives, yet its hard to imagine that “language” can change us, transform us, and even evolve us. Language is so powerful that it has many layers that need to be pilled back to find out how they work and what they mean. That transformative power of language can help someone become or change the way they think.It’s that powerful.
So, how can something like language help us become who we are? Its a simple question yet still very complex. Language is a tool that we use everyday in our lives but we never see or think about how it can help us become who we are. That’s why that question is not really easy for me to understand.When you think of situations that have changed you, you think of your life experiences and your surrounding as something that has shaped your life. Hardships and lives ups and downs are usually what form us and depending whether you where able to surpass or overcome the difficulty of life obstacles. I have had a few difficult obstacles that life has throw my way and they haven't always been easy but somehow I have always been able to surpass them and come out stronger and braver. Initially when I thought about how language could shape me I didn't see how that could be possible, a form a communication could form you into who you are today, I had been through other life events that had done that for me.


American vs. Hispanic
As you think about the question more and analysis the question by pilling back what it could mean, you begin to see and understand the complicity of the question more.I know see that language has changed me and formed me into the woman I am today, I just didn't know it until I was asked this question. I come from a family of strong individuals that worked very hard to become who they are and have what they have. They all went to college and succeeded, after college some went on to graduate school, others got a job after college, and others even started businesses.Over the years I have observed the individuals in my family and I have come to realize that they couldn't be more right that with education comes knowledge.and my family have figured out the key to success—are very knowledge in the way they talk, think, and communicate. They are not an easy act to follow because you are always expected to become something better or do something that doesn't even come close to what they have been able to accomplish. That includes how I present myself, they have never told me but I know that I am expected to act and talk a certain way. Although I am from a hispanic background my family is generally small compared to other hispanic families. I am a half hispanic but I have never really been able to experience that side of my cultural because of my families successes, making it difficult to connects to others that are hispanic or the hispanic cultural.
When you speak another language and live in a country like American you usually aim to fit in with the American culture and do American things but for me its the opposite. My families


American vs. Hispanic success is not all to blame for why I have never been able to connect with the hispanic community my geographical location also has been a factor. Although California is a hugely hispanic populated state where I grew up is really quite the opposite, its predominately upperclass white people.Making it even more difficult for me to connect to my hispanic roots some of my aunts and uncles married into white families and had half white kids.Its also difficult because my grandmother only specks