Racism: Race and People Essay

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Final Paper
Informal Logic Phi 103
Tina M. Chatmon
Ins. George Greaves
June 10th, 2013

Racism, Racism is a very strong word to use, but what interested me in this topic is the unfairness people receive from other people because the color of their skin. Racism and Anti-Semitism seems to be an old debate and even though everyone may think racism is a thing of the past, racism and anti-Semitism is complex. Speaking from personal observation, as well as in-depth research, I am writing this paper, to support my argument, that racism and anti-Semitism is still very prevalent in the United States today. In the United States today, many law enforcement agencies use a person’s race or cultural background as a reason to place that person under the suspicion that they have broken the law. This form of discrimination is better known as racial profiling. It is a common complaint of African Americans who are continuously pulled over by police simply because of race and the stereotypes that have been attached. A perfect example of racial profiling is happening in New York City today. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly stated that his reason for the “Stop and Frisk” campaign is to get guns off the street. But the reality of it is that nearly all of the people being targeted are black and Hispanic, nearly all innocent. He was quoted as saying: “About 70 percent to 75 percent of the people described as committing violent crimes — assault, robbery, shootings, grand larceny — are described as being African American. The percentage of people who are stopped is 53 percent African-American. So really, African-Americans are being under-stopped in relation to the percentage of people being described as being the perpetrators of violent crime. The stark reality is that a crime happens in communities of color.” According to the New York Civil Liberties Un ion, the percentage of African-Americans stopped was actually 55% in 2012, 32% of Latinos, and 10% of whites. These percentages came from the N.Y.P.D’s own data. It is obvious that the police are not abiding by constitutional rules. They are indiscriminately targeting young black and Hispanic men with ridiculous reasons such as acting “suspiciously.” Some say that “walking while black” (or Hispanic) in certain neighborhoods results in getting stopped. In 2012, New Yorkers were stopped by cops 533,042 times. In 473,300 of those stops, or 89 percent, the person was innocent. But racism doesn’t just apply to the color of one’s skin. Anti-Semitism has become wide spread throughout the United States as well, and points its ugly finger at one specific group of people… The Jewish race. On June 11, 2002, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a national survey that showed the Increase shows in the number of Americans with anti-Semitic attitudes. This survey reversed the ten-year decline and raises concerns that "an undercurrent of Jewish hatred persists in America." The survey stated that: “The national poll of 1,000 American adults conducted April 26 through May 6, 2002 found that 17% of Americans - or about 35 million adults - hold views about Jews that are "unquestionably anti-Semitic." Previous surveys commissioned by ADL over the last decade had indicated that anti-Semitism was in decline. A survey of attitudes four years ago found that the number of Americans with hardcore anti-Semitic beliefs had dropped from 20% in 1992, to 12% in 1998.” Many Jewish Americans have flourished in the United States, and even enjoy the freedoms and opportunities as any other American, however like other minorities, Jewish Americans have also faced prejudices, especially during economic hardships. The most damaging anti-Semitic myths involves the relationship between Jews and money. Stereotypes about Jews hoarding money, being rich media moguls, and wealth being in the hands of the Jewish community is only a fallacy. With this being