Americans Live to Work. Essay

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In society, people who are normal have jobs because we all need to work to pay rent, eat food, and buy some clothes. However, for some people, even a holiday isn’t a break from work pressures. They spend the entire weekend worrying about their jobs. In the United States, some people work too much even at late night or weekend instead of enjoying their lives even though they don’t want to do; also, there are some problems that are caused by working too much.

People who live in America are becoming routineers like slaves. Even though people who like work or get dream job are, they don’t like overtime and they need some break time for relaxing. These days, in modern society, “there are too much to do, too many places to be too many things happening too fast. We are not leading our lives, but merely following a dizzying timetable of duties, commitments, demands, and options” (p. 260 Walljasper). As article said, modern people have to do too much thing so quickly, so people keep working and just follow instruction. Then, people lose their own time, and lives for themselves. For example, my father who is an oil truck driver sometimes has to work whole day even midnight because, in gas station, selling oil depends on customer; then my father has to deliver oil regardless of time or day. He wants to stay at home with family or have a rest without worrying but his life is bound by working as many people’s lives.

In addition, companies require a lot of duties and tasks, and it makes people have to do much more work. In society, people are getting more and more competitive and companies make it worse like overtime. These days, also, some people work at home after finishing work in companies because there are still remained a lot of works which they have to do for companies not for themselves. Their lives or future depend on companies’ decision which they have never seen or participated it (p. 254 Ventura). I could have seen that my roommate who works in office still has worked at home. He wanted to take a rest but his boss sometimes called him at midnight and boss asked to do something immediately. Every day, including Saturday, he gets up at 6 am and goes to work at 7 am but it seems like boss doesn’t care about his private life. Accordingly, companies cause that people live to work.

Therefore, Americans’ lives