An Introduction to Good Parenting Essay

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What is a good Parent? A good parent can fall into many many categories of life as a parent. Giving birth is a start of being a excellent parent .A parent is someone who cuddles their children when things are not going right in their lives, because parents everywhere can say that if we as parents trust ourselves enough to trust our children it will make parenthood easier. Being a good parent starts with having both the mother and father because it takes two loving parents to have a child, so it takes two parents to raise a child .Parents should love their children unconditionally, understanding your child needs and wants can be very helpful in being a good parent as well. A two parent household that involves every day activities such as helping with their homework, doing chores around the house, family night out, and a walk in the park as a family this type of involvement in a child’s life is the key to becoming great parents.
Raising a child is a very important task because it’s not always easy it’s even harder if we don’t have the consistent help especially if you’re a single parent. The help of both parents raising a child(ren) together makes the job a much easier task, a child(ren) feels more safer with both parents love it gives them the structure and stability that they need and want they actually function better when they have a place they call home. Children always think that we as parents are always being mean but that’s not true we just want what’s best for them we e should always try to give them that unconditionally love and support in what they do in life as long as it’s the right decision. A Part of being a good parent we should love them unconditionally regardless of what they do and how many mistakes they make in their life that’s all A part of learning and recognizing things that are good and bad . Our kids will say and do things that will hurt and break our hearts they can also do many things to us as parents