Analysis Of Ford Motor Company

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Executive Summary:
Employees of Ford Motor Co. this company wants to be apart of the world’s most workable trucks on the market. Interested in creating a truck line even broader that it is, consumers are the most important aspect to this company and will do its very best to keep its automobiles up to performance along with the many options of the work and luxury power class. When it comes to daily driving gasoline cannot be over looked. There are the users that need more power and durability and the diesel engines are for their pickings. But then there are the consumers that need the truck model that fits their needs. This type truck does not serve the fittings of a F-150 with a diesel strengthened motor. If provided to the public, this truck would satisfy many users more appropriately, fitting their needs. If released, to the market by the 2015 release date, this truck could increase consumer value along with a whole new introduction to the trucking industry. Ford’s biggest competition is Dodge and Nissan and they both have future plans of introducing diesel motors to their lineup. "It differentiates us in the marketplace," said Reid Bigland, of Chrysler Motors. This understatement must be viewed as a threat and bring out our best performance model, yet. It is important for us as producers to assure our trucks are relevant to our consumers needs all in one truck.

Company history:
Currently the fifth largest automaker, Ford is an American automaker based out of Dearborn, Michigan. In 1899, Ford Company was created but was unbalanced until 1902. Production of cars came soon after in the fall of 1903. Many factors led to success after the first five decades, including mass production from the start of the assembly line which enabled less job turnovers because line workers were paid much more, nearly $5 a day. Investors started the company in the right direction with large firms, and shares were returned for top dollar. Ford has impacted many forms of transportation in American fought wars. For the last 50 years, Ford was noticed as the Top 10 cash kings in Spring 2013. Along with car construction came trucks. Ford’s greatest car, best sellers include the Model T, F-150, Mustang and Taurus. Ford F-150 models were unveiled in 1948 and ever since have had Ford’s heads tied straight, only offering illumination to our future. Although there are other brands of Ford including Lincoln Motors, the most luxury models of Ford, they are not limited to the stock options, but instead with several truck options. Including diesel and gasoline models there are also economy models. Ford only builds reliable and healthy structured trucks, for all consumers in the truck field. If one is in need of a truck, Ford offers sustainability and is “committed to innovating and delivering great products that build a stronger business and a better world” (

Marketing Mix:
Satisfying a consumer’s need also involves developing a full marketing program in reference to the 4 P’s: product, price, promotion, and place. These four are a part of a company’s marketing mix. These four are the controllable factors used typically by the marketing manager to solve a marketing problem.
Diesel Ford F-150 Truck
Faster, stronger, more power, greater towing capability
Cost efficient for size, power, and efficiency of truck
Promotions on TV, billboards
Publish articles in magazines, newspapers etc.
All Ford dealerships nationwide

When segmenting a market, certain criteria are followed in order to establish an effective market segmentation. First, simplicity is key as well as cost-effectiveness of assigning potential consumers into segments. The segmentation should optimize the opportunity for growth in profit and serving consumers effectively. Both similarities and