Analyzing the Science Essay

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1. Identify the people with the highest and lowest levels of mercury and DDT.
-PD has the highest level of DDT and AS has the lowest level of DDT. Mercury highest level is DH, and lowest level is DA.
2. Compare the levels of mercury and DDT in each study participant to the national median. Which study participants have levels of DDT and mercury that are at least twice the national median?
-AR and PD are twice the national median in DDT. Also DH, BF and KB are all twice the national median of Mercury.
3. The EPA “safe dose” for mercury is 1,100 ppb (parts per billion) for women in their child-bearing years, as mercury levels above this value may impair neurological development in the fetus. Which
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It shows what has or has not been correct. It also tells what is wrong about the product.
e. Do you agree with EWG’s assessment of the problems with and concerns about cosmetics and other personal care products? What about its solutions? Explain.
-Yes, I do agree with EWG’s assessment of the problems with and concerns about cosmetic and other personal care products because it shows that they have done their research. When someone or group/company can back their information up it convinces the customer they are correct.
2. Select one of your favorite personal care products that is also on the EWG website:
-Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
a. Check out the company website for that product. What sort of information about the product and its ingredients does the company website offer? Does the company employ any logical fallacies in talking about the product or its ingredients? Is the information provided useful to you as a consumer? Explain your responses.
-It offers the ingredients and the percentages of the ingredients. Yes the company employs logical fallacies and also the information provided is useful to some extent. This is because I’m not interested in all the fine print as much as how the product works.
b. How do the two websites (Skin Deep and the company website) compare in providing useful and reliable information about your particular product? Explain.
-The two websites provide information on the