Ancient Greek Theater

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Ancient Greek Sports, Theater, and Olympics
Did you know that the two main forms of entertainment in ancient Greece are sports and theater? People in ancient Greece, particularly enjoyed going to the theater and attending sports events. Hundreds of theaters have been discovered throughout Greece. There were also many sports events held in ancient Greece in honor of the gods, including the Olympics. Ancient Greek theater and sports were major parts of ancient Greece because people enjoyed watching the athletes compete at festivals and people also were intrigued by the various shows and plays put on in theaters.
The Olympics were an extremely important part of ancient Greece. The ancient Olympics were part of a festival to honor Zeus. The
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Nearly every ancient Greek city had an open-air theater with seats arranged in tiers with a fabulous view of the surrounding landscape. The theater of Dionysus in Athens was an extremely complex theater, it could seat over 15,000 people at a time. The theater of Dionysus was built approximately in 300 B.C., but there are clues that suggest that there were later renovations. There was also the theater of Odeon, and that seated over 5,000 people. The theater of Odeon was built by a an affluent Greek named Herodes Atticus in 160 A.D. An ancient Greek theater consisted of the orchestra, the flat dancing floor for the chorus, and the theatron, the main theater structure itself. The stage and the skene, which was the stage building, were made completely of wood and were about one meter tall. During a play, the actors would enter from either side of the stage and from a central door in the middle of the skene, which was also where a wheeled platform with sets of scenes was stored. A large crane, located at the right end of the stage, was used to hoist gods and heroes through the air onto the stage during a play. In conclusion, theater was an important part of ancient