Andrew Jackson A Hero

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Andrew Jackson was a hero in war and fighting. He was strong and fierce and very good at getting what he wanted. He was just not about Indians in the land he wanted and didn't like the laws that said he couldn't do stuff he wanted.
Andrew Jackson was a special type of person. He didn't care what the laws said. He didn't care what the Indians said or how they felt. He didn't care what he did to the Indians. Yet he was a strong fighter and a very good one too.
Andrew Jackson was born on March 15, 1767 near the border of North and South Carolina. It is not known which state but both states claim him as a Native Son. He says he was maintained from South Carolina. His nickname is “Old Hickory” because of his toughness and very aggressive personality.
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It's said and listed in information that he has been in/been involved in more/at least 13 duels in his lifetime. He is a democrat. There is not much information on that. He was married to Rachel Donelson Robards, but unfortunately she passed away before he moved into the White House. One of his nieces, Emily Donelson, took place of Rachael place at the White House, just as a guest not married. His parents names were, dad, Andrew Jackson, and mom, Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson.
British invaded the Carolinas in 1780-1781. His mother and both of his brother died in this conflict. Some Indians agreed with the British and fought against the Americans. He won a lot of battles against the Indians, but he won the most fame beating Britain in the Battle of New Orleans. The battle of New Orleans moved him to the status of national
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He earned admission the the North Carolina Bar. He became the first man to be elected US House of Representative from Tennessee. Almost immediately after he was elected to the US House of Representatives, he was elected to the US Senate. He declined to seek reelection and returned home in March. He resigned a year later and was elected Judge of Tennessee's Supreme Court.
History shows that he was a war hero from the American Revolutionary War, from the war of 1812, at the peak of his greatest victory, at New Orleans, weeks after the latter conflict that had officially ended. He was the first president to rise from a low social position to the White House by populare and a flinty cuss who was never averse to defending his or his wife’s home in a duel-as well as personally the tar out of a man who made history’s first presidential assassination attempt. Although he had no problem with slavery, he was adamant about preserving the Union secession and