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What is a hero?

What is a hero? Personally, I think everyone has a different way to imagine or describe what is a real hero. For someone, a hero is someone who has courage and an athletic body, for others their hero are simply their old brother, their teachers or their best friend . But of course, when we are describing one of them their some common values who makes a person not just a good human being but a hero as well. In this essay I will explain to you, in my opinion, what make a person heroic and explain to you my definition of a hero by pointing some values that all heroes have!

First of all, the first value or quality that I think make a person heroic is their kindness and their empathy. If someone can feel the pain and want to do something about it I think that this is the most beautiful value a person can have. A person who just ruches into a burning building to save another person is not just extraordinarily brave; they also have this ability to think for one jut second; What if it was me over there... And this is one value that i think make a person a hero.

Secondly, having the right skills and training can make a big difference. I am not saying that to be a hero is just about muscles and having a athlete body but clearly having the training or physical ability can really help whether or not a person can save another person and become as well a hero. In dangerous situations, for example, where the rescuer is not physically ready he or she likely end up finding less directs ways to take spontaneous action who requires strength.

Thirdly, I think what make a person even more heroic is if they are competent and confident about themselves. If a normal person have just this two qualities, that they