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Animal cruelty comes in all forms, but one form might be right in front US citizens; animal performers. Animal performers are all around, from on TV to zoos and circuses. Animals have been a form of entertainment for centuries and even though there are more regulations now, are they enough? In most Americans minds the animals that are around are free, safe, happy creatures, but most Americans do not know the psychological effects of being in captivity. Or how animal performs really life quality really is. And the main question, how do people let these animals live these way. Using animals for entertainment is dishonorable and should be drastically changed.
Like humans, animals can and do have psychological problems. One of the main problems is that animals that are in captivity like as Kay Woodward wrote for Animal Rights “often live in spaces that are nothing like their natural habitats" (38). Animals have had thousands of years to adapt to their habitats. The lion blends into its surrounding so it can hunt, and peacock has bright feathers to attract a mate. When you put them in any concert box, no matter how well a zookeeper might dress it up, is not home. And again just like humans, if an animal is taken away from home and it will make cause depression.
Now for the citizens who say that animals whom are in captive now, were born in captivity know nothing else but its cage as a home and is perfectly happy. Are these animals really the psychologically the individuality of the animals they are meant to be? First off, to breed in captivity in itself is very hard for animals to find a mate, because many of the animals in confinement are related. According to the article Animal Ethnics written by BBC it states “Animals bred in zoos may become imprinted on human beings rather than members of their own species- this prevents them fully experiencing their true identity” (2). Animals that are not around their fellow animals do not know how to act, how to get food or protect them. There are natural instincts but those will only go so far. Thus the only thing animals do have a chance to copy or learn from is their care takers which are humans. It is believed that animals will than never learn their true identity, again messing up their state of minds.
Another reason for problems of the mind of animals is the social order. For every pride, pack, herd, etc. of animals there are leaders and followers this becomes a problem. As Kay Woodard states on Animal Rights, "The capturing of animals from their natural habitat often breaks up the social order of the animal groups” (38). This is another process the animals goes through, with all the confusion and life style it has to take, there will also be the change or decision what role it plays in its new domain.
Now with multiple problems, not just psychology, bring in the most important thing for any living beings; life quality. BBC who writes for Animals Ethnics states, “Although animals may live longer lives in zoos than in the wild, they may experience a lower quality of life”. Which goes back to the common saying, might be alive but not living. Animals that are in the show biz go through processes that are physically and mentally past the animals capitally.
The definition of quality of life is “your personal satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which you live (as distinct from material comfort)” ( As humans can voice complaints and displeasures but as animals it is hard to say under humans care such creatures are happy. Animal performers are trained vigorously, for human enjoyment, and rewarded with processed food and isolation, does that sound like comfort?
It might not even be the big things like the cage itself but other things. Like not having to gather or hunt food, which is a big part of animals lives is just to make sure there is enough food. Also the fakeness from the weather,