Anne Frank Research Paper

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Have you ever played hide and go seek, and it felt practically like years for the seeker to find you? Imagine for a moment that you were forced to remain hidden for several years. Since Anne Frank was a Jew, she had to do just that for over two years! Meanwhile, World War ll was going on, if the Jews ever tried to advocate their opinion to the Germans the Germans would immediately kill you. You knew who was Jewish because they had an ingrained Jewish star and they weren’t permitted to discard it. Anne Frank’s family stayed in a secret annex until German soldiers called Nazis found them. Once the Franks arrived at the secret annex Anne’s father, Otto gave Anne a diary that he found in their old house; he wanted to keep her occupied. In her journal …show more content…
Moreover, she was a fearless, optimistic, and positive about every little thing there possibly could be. At one point in time Anne was an ordinary girl living her life until rude, abusive Nazi’s came to ruin her life. Even though she was in hiding with no access to the outside world she still was a pleased girl and it often changed her view on life. All of this shows you in the quote she made about people who are passionate deep down within their heart. In the end, Anne and her sister Margot died on March 31, 1945. Overall, she was an optimistic about the world coming to peace. Remarkably, Mr. Frank went back into the annex and saved his daughter’s diary. Today you can find the beloved, published diary in the Anne Frank Museum located in Amsterdam. The Diary of Anne Frank showed us an accurate perspective on how it was to hide and what the Jews were thinking before going into the concentration camps and knowing they were going to die. Most importantly, it displayed that someone can keep a positive attitude even when faced with