Ansoff Matrix

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The purpose of any organisation is to achieve it's set goals in order to be successful . Every organisation has it's own policies and procedures they need to follow in order to survive in the economy . An organisation such as Tesco controls its own performance and every one works in a group to pursue the desired results. Basically an organisation is an entity or a social arrangement which is aimed to achieve some goals and objectives which would maximise their profit. .Aims and objectives are the main focus that an organisation seeks to achieve. It then has to decide the means it will use to achieve those goals, draw up a plan and devise a strategy in order to remain a success. Most organisations have general or overall aims which they can break down into specific objectives, or targets.
By setting aims and objectives, companies give themselves a sense of purpose and direction. This provides a framework around which to create their plans. With an overall plan in place, a company can set particular targets and monitor its progress towards reaching them. Targets can vary from a sales target and/or a profits target.
I am going to discuss in this assignment how two organisations use marketing techniques to market their products. The two Companies I will look at is TESCO and ASDA, both in the supermarket chain they serve over 70 million customers daily.

Ansoff’s Product/Market Matrix

The Ansoff Matrix, designed by Igor Ansoff, classifies and explains different growth strategies for a company. This matrix