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Uplinga Review
Articles of Confidn (aoc)- 1st attempt at unified nat gov
Bridget Henry Lee-“ reserved to be right” colonies should write new constit (AoC)- committee (led by John Dickenson)
Prevented from Ratifying (4 Years) land locked states did not have land to left gave states huge advantages (own view) smaller states (led by Maryland)- will not ratify unless get western territories
Result: Maryland would vote to ratify it- western land claims given to cong simple and form- domestic powers through cong limited in power
1+1+1=13 -1 branch, 1 house, 1 vote per state=13 voting parts (no executive branch- done through congress, judicial branch- done through congress)
Western land= handled by cong
Important Foreign Powers of Cong
Army + Navy
Indian Affairs
Treaties + alliances
Powers limited by Art 2 of
Each state retains sovereignty + independent (states get tax powers + commerce)
Confed- loose alliances of foreign states that come together with specific purposes (powers = purposes)
Sovereign states come together in case of (W.A.I.T)
Every state gov was stronger than nat gov
Success vs Failures
controlled western lands
Land Ordinance 1775- (system to determine land who owns what in ohio river valley)6x6 township + school (located in 16th section)
Incentive to speculators to make profit
NW ordinance- cannot have <3 or >5 needed 5,000 for territory +needed 60,000 pledge for statehood (const would have no slavery and must hav rep gov)(who governed whom and how)
unable to resolve conflict with foreign nations (brit, spain + fran) could not resolve conflict b/t states could not resolve conflict within a state ex: Shay’s Rebellion- overtaxed farmers land being taken away
Gov acts: (cannot put together army+ sovereign state) could not carry powers military
(dont have the right to tax money for military could only request) could not negotiate for treaty too weak- no tax powers could not resolve trade wars (no development of nat eco) no power over commerce (state responsibility)
Gov designed to be limited————-> ineffective Phil. Convention- revise aoc
Everyone but RI comes to phil. rule of civil discourse- everyone has a voice/ listens
Issue: Houses in Cong

Virg Plan(big state)- both house= proportionalNJ Plan(small state)
(virginia has big influence over both houses)equal rep+ sovereign

Outcome(Connecticut plan)
Upper house+ Lower House
U: 2 rep per state
L: based on pop
S wants slaves (N=no) -
Outcome: slaves= 3/5 a person
Outcome of Revision:
Overlaps powers to check each other (leg check executive,