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AP History Notes
Culture – a way of living
Ethnocentricity – when you think your culture is better than other
Imperialism – imposing your will on weaker countries
The first Africans were indentured servants
Bacons rebellion
Bacon’s POV
Bacon wanted more land
Bacon went to war because he did not get what he wanted
He slaughtered Indians for land
Indentured servants
They were not treated well
Had to work for passage across the ocean
Slavery is inevitable because they need somebody to do the work
A conscience decision to own people
People were lazy and did not want to do their own work
They had to the power to exert their will on the weaker
17th century
Georgia (buffer colony)
Buffer from other nations
Maryland – haven for Catholics
Religious laws of toleration towards Christians
Discrimination to Jewish
American was protestant at the time
Protestants protested against the catholic religion
King of England was the leader of the Church of England
Separatist – wanted to separate from the church
Pilgrims – the most radical form of separatists
Lived in Holland at first
Could not last there because of the influence from outside culture
Ended up in Massachusetts
Freedom for them to worship as they pleased
Half of the original pilgrims died in the winter
One of the coldest winters experienced
The mayflower compact
Signed by the pilgrims
Governing document
Gave people the right to partake in the decision making
As a group
Plymouth Colony
William Bradford is Mayor
John Winthrop was governor of Massachusetts bay
Wrote a “city upon a hill”
Covenant with God
If they carried on all forms of Christian action and become a model to the rest of the world they will find success through God
Puritan beliefs
That God has decided before you were born on where you are to go
Nobody knew who the chosen people were
Puritan culture was very oppressive
On the male church goers with land could make decisions
The natives
They helped the pilgrims
In return the pilgrims attacked another native tribe
Anne Hutchinson
1st feminist in American his
Great knowledge of the scriptures
Counseled women
She was caught for this and was put on trial
She got banned from Massachusetts bay colony
She relocated to Rhode Island
Roger Williams
Wanted to separate church and state
Wanted to compensate the Indians for their land
Church’s should not be dictating civil trials
Kicked out of Massachusetts bay
The US
Became a country of have and have not’s
Land was one of the biggest recourses of America
The French and Indian War
France was looking for more land to get more hunting room
They wanted beaver pelts
France moved down into the Ohio river valley
That is how the war was brought about
Beginning of the revolutionary war
The beginning of the rebellion starts in New England
Taxation without representation
England starts to try to control the trade of the United States
1764 Sugar act
1765 Stamp act
Colonial reaction was protesting the act
Attack tax collectors
Parliament repeals the stamp Act
The British will not let the colonists cross the Appalachians
The peopled changed and they no longer saw eye to eye with England
Boston Massacre
The troops were back into an enclosed space by an angry mob
Soldiers open fire on the crowd
5 people were killed
England put a monopoly on tea
Limited the choice of the tea
Took out the middle man
This led to the boycott of tea
Led to the Boston Tea party
Sons of Liberty
The boston tea party was the thing that made Britain to punish boston
They did not punish the colonies they punished boston
Britain punishes just Boston for these acts
The coercive acts / intolerable acts
The acts were only applied in Boston
The Boston port was shut down
Used to punish
For Boston to be taken under