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Unit 4 Draft Final Project
Apple Financial Statement Analysis
Syed M Razvi
GF 530
Kaplan University
May 22, 2013

Executive Summary
Apple is in the business of information technology and manufacturing Personal Computer since 1980’s. It is one of the largest corporations in the USA that designs and manufactures personal computers, software, and hardware for their products. They are a well-known and an established organization in the world as Macintosh or Mac. They are represented in the market by their products like iTunes media application, iPod players, iPhone, and iPad. Apple was established by Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak in 1976. In 2007, Apple Computer, Inc. changed their name to simply Apple, Inc. The CEO was Steve Jobs and in 2008, the company decided to open their own retail business which resulted in 215 retail stores in the U.S.
Company / Industry Description
Apple offers a variety of mobile connected and media devices, personal computing merchandise, and easy-to-carry media devices. The Company office offers its own code merchandise, as well as an iOS, the Company's mobile in operation system; OS X, the Apple raincoat in operation system; and server and application code. The Company's primary merchandise embody iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod, iTunes, raincoat App Store, iCloud, OS code, Application code, and several others.
Apple continues to provide computers that are tailored to the customer’s preferences. Although they carry such uniqueness, the demand for their computers has diminished due to the products that are easily substitutable by other competitors such as Dell or HP. Each of those firms is large and supplies products that are extremely wanted as a result of the compatibility. Dell created important inroads by providing computers over the phone and online in order for the customer to pick and choose exactly how they want their new product. This helped Apple become competitive and gain an advantage against its competitors by learning what they have and implementing it. HP has gained advantage over Apple five times as proved in their annual sales figures and HPs market share also stems they need to gain by providing their product to companies. Apple approached its market share by making their products completely different from the different laptop makers among the non-competitive market structure. By examining the demand curve, Apple would be ready to sell additional products if they lowered their costs bringing the demand curve to a cheaper and an affordable price. However, lowering the price would not bring in enough cash flow for the company to show any meaningful profits (Apple 2006 money Statements). iPhone iPhone is a combination of its predecessor, iPod; the only difference is that it has a built-in microphone which allows you to talk on it while still being able to use all of the features from before. One is able to search the internet, map a destination, and even play games while talking to someone on the other end. It is compatible with any operating system which allows the user to sync any and all files stored on the computer onto the iPhone for future use or to simply listen to music. It allows its users to access the iTunes Store to transfer audio and video files, further as a range of different digital content and applications. In 2012, Apple introduced the iPhone five, its latest version of iPhone, which was very much sought after because of the new features that came along with it including the slick, new design. Apple also owns accessories not only for their products, but they also have compatible accessories for third-party iPhones. According to Fox Business News, the rumor was that when Apple will launch their iPhone 5, it will capture the entire market and it will also lead the company’s product line. However, Samsung Galaxy S4 was also introduced at same time in the market with the iPhone 5. Samsung is capturing the market of prepaid smartphones and took over prepaid