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One of the best films I have ever seen is Argo, Directed by Ben Affleck. The movie was based on true events that took place in the late 1970’s, when the American Embassy in Iran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries and 66 Americans were taken hostage. Six other Americans fled the scene during the invasion, escaped, and hid in the Canadian Ambassador’s home for several months. A CIA operative, Tony Mendez (portrayed in the film by Ben Affleck), is ordered to get the 6 Americans back home safely and creates a plan that no one has ever attempted before. This plan is to create a fake film and have the six Americans in hiding act as the production crew. The fake film would be set to shoot in a middle eastern country (Iran), and was called “Argo.” Mendez eventually smuggles the Americans out of Iran by disguising them as the production crew for the motion picture. This film amazed me. I loved the suspense of whether or not the Americans were going to be able to pull off the mission. While watching Argo, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The reason for this is that the writing was absolutely flawless. To me, the writing for this film exhibited an outstanding balance between drama and comedic relief that helped convey the subject matter in a way that kept your attention throughout the film. The way the dialogue was written to communicate the characters anxiety and stress into their performances was exceptional. You could see the emotion on the characters faces which made the audience feel that the actors were afraid for their lives. I was astonished at how Affleck could get these actors into the mindset of possibly being revealed and killed by revolutionaries. I also loved how this film matched previous footage of the actual events that occurred in Iran. The casting for Argo was spectacular, along with the makeup and costume design that was spot on to recreating the actual people who once hid from the Iranian revolutionaries. I also really enjoyed how Affleck played the main character, because as the director he knew exactly what he wanted in that character, so why not play it himself! I thought it was a