Application For A Career In The Criminal Justice Field

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Dear Interviewer,

I am excited to graduate from high school and begin my career in the Criminal Justice and Psychology field. As I end my high school career I realize that I am more than prepared to take the next step in my life.

During my high school years I prepared for this path by taking a Psychology, an extra year of science and also being involved in my ROTC classes. These classes gave me a great advantage because I already have a knowledge of how people minds work, and why people have certain reactions and behaviors, which in many jobs in the criminal justice field is a great benefit to have. Also JROTC taguht me a lot of great values such as discipline, confience and integrity which will not only benefit me in my career field but also benefit me for the rest of my life.

I plan on applying to several 4 year colleges and to study both Criminal Justice and Psychology as my major. While I am in college I plan on doing an internship at the Federal Buerau of Investigation (FBI) to further prepare myself in the criminal justice field. Furthermore my part time job at Sears gave me a good background with working with individuals. My job required me to communicate and deal with customers that sometimes could become very rude and inconsiderate but I was always prepared and able to overcome any obstacles or problems that came my way.
Feel free to look at my portfolio. I am most proud of my work and expierences in high school. I hope that my portfolio shows you