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Marketing Executive/ Development Officer
Legends Football League Association
USA 31/05/13
Mr. Mark Peters
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Organizing Corporation
Corporate Centre One, Level 5, 2 Corporate Court,
Bundall QLD 4217

Dear Mr. Peters,

On behalf of Legends Football League (LFL) USA, it gives me great pleasure to propose to your Corporation, a replica of our successful global events, that could be staged prior to the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast and compliment your wonderful success in winning the 2018 bid.
Our proposal is to implement a three day exhibition event the week prior to the commencement of the Games. In our proposal we have outlined the reasons why we are convinced our model will work within your regional city, together with the benefits to local businesses, general retail trade, investment opportunities, tourism and further growth to the region. Legends Football League has had phenomenal support and success in North America, Canada and Europe, attracting an enormous spectrum of sports fans. We are extremely confident our innovative sport model will be accepted and mould perfectly into the Gold Coast, enhancing the already flamboyant and progressive sports fraternity.
Being recognized as the fastest growing sports League globally, LFL, blended with the strong culture of fitness and health throughout the Gold Coast, could create a very favorable marketing platform and introduction for the 2018 Games event. Our proposal appreciates the already well-placed facilities, such as the Gold Coast Convention Centre, Skilled Park and