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Student athletes should get paid for playing the game on the college level. First, the school its self makes money off of the athletes. Second, company’s make money off of the athletes playing. Last, the price of an education alone is not enough for the athletes. This subject is important to me because, I am someone that is involved in college athletics. Therefor athletes should be paid for playing on the college level.
The first reason why athletes should be paid on the college level is that the school the athlete plays for makes money off of that athlete. The school makes money off of the athlete by selling merchandise that has the athlete’s number on it. Also they sell tickets for the game that the athletes are playing in. That makes a huge amount of money for the school. I know that my high school that I played football at regularly brought in over $15,000 a game. That’s only for admission too. It doesn’t even count all the money made on concession and other products sold at the game. Keep in mind that was only one game on the high school level. The college level makes way more money than that. With ticket prices ranging from $35 for nose bleed section, all the way up to the thousands for box seats or field passes. Furthermore with the average Division One stadium holding 70,000 people, lets say everyone bought a $35 ticket that equals $2,450,000 just on admission its self. That is a ridiculous amount of money for a school to make in one day!
The second reason why athletes should be paid on the college level is that Company’s are making money off of the athletes. The best example of this is EA sports NCAA football video game. Countless amounts of people buy and play the game all around the world. The game cost on average around $60. Let’s say 500,000 people bought the game that would be $30,000,000. The sad thing is that if it wasn’t for the players that are in the game EA sports wouldn’t have made any money. Thus is why the athletes should get some money from it, but no EA doesn’t put players names on the back of their jersey’s like they are in real life. EA does this so they don’t have to