Argumentative Essay: Should College Be Free?

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With the rise of college tuition, college education has turned into more business profits through government funding versus the priority of giving students knowledge that they can carry on into their career field. In this essay I am going to convince you that college should be free because everyone cannot afford a college education, the substantial amount of student debt, and without college education you would be limiting your career options. Being able to receive free college tuition would be very beneficial to many college students that struggle everyday on whether where the funds are coming from in order to continue on with college.
Lower Income Households With the employment rate being high it makes it hard for households to maintain above poverty. Let along paying for their children’s education at a college or university. Being in a lower income household it is often hard to get bills paid, just think about having to pay back thousands of dollars that you have no clue of where it is coming from. Being able to have free college would be a plus because within
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College tuition should be free to students whom have completed a high school diploma or GED program to give people a chance to succeed in the career field of their choosing. This free college tuition would eliminate student loan debts, which has also held students back from potential career jobs. I personally feel that college should be free because people are either trying to provide a life for their families, receive unlimited knowledge, or receive a career that they are happy with. Having free tuition would change so many lives, I feel as though if it became free that many people would actually finish their course of study instead of having to drop out to pay bills before finishing