Argumentative Essay: Should There Be College Free?

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The higher education has become a must in today’s world. The demands of the workplaces continue leaning toward a higher educated employee. The businesses go on looking for degree holders and college graduates, that makes it must for our generation to attend college to be able to receive a decent job. The question may arise, why are numerous people not rushing to college? For many students, college remains out of the question by cause of high tuition costs. Since money stand as concern for attending college, countless high school graduates have happened to start a full-time job straight out of college. There have been plenty of debates on whether college should be free. Making college free would be a step forward to the greater tomorrow. Research suggests that free college tuition will have prevalent positive effects on our student’s studies, assist their financial situation, and improve the nation’s economy. …show more content…
Due to high college tuition, innumerable Americans remain unqualified enrolled in colleges (DeNisco and Cotton). The new proposal of free college tuition gives opportunity for numerous people (DeNisco). It benefits students from underprivileged families with a strong performance to attend college and achieve their dream to succeed academically (DeNisco). Making college free would not only reduce the students’ debt loan, still comfort them to become educated and skilled enough to compete against the outside world (Cotton). On the other hand, Matt Bruenig argues that everybody has their own opinion on free college tuition and students would not concentrate as much as they would. Bruenig insists that students are capable of financing their higher education. He mentions that making college free inhered as pointless with no guarantees of getting exceptional