Arguments For Lord Of The Flies

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3 Arguments Lord of the flies is an important book to read because it teaches you the Importance of rules, power and violence which makes people orderly. My first argument is that there weren’t any rules which resulted in chaos. For example the result of a society without rules and regulations is demonstrated in the book by all the chaotic resulted behavior. The boys in the book are abandoned on an island without parents. Without parents, they have no one to guide them and show them family values. Another thing they do not have is schooling. Schooling guidelines keeps you in place and in order. It teaches your life lessons of right and wrongs and also increases your intelligence. Also there is no government which means no rules and no police to enforce the rules and arrest people who do not follow them. My second argument is that there was a lot of violence in the book which ended in many people being hurt and some killed. For example when they mock boar hunt on Robert they stab him with spears and knife him to death until they remember themselves. Another example was when Roger rolled the boulder aiming at Piggy and he died. Another major issue with the violence is the strive for power that Jack and Ralph have. Ralph is not as bad as jack though. Ralph believes in democratic rights unlike Jack who quickly became a cruel and a dominating person who tries to fear the boys so they listen and follow HIS rules. Also the beast is a big violence issue due to how crazy and obsessed they get over wanting to kill it. For example when they