Art: You Are Hurt By My Actions?

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Art... You say you’re hurt by my actions this week; you say you did love me and that I scared you away..... No art, your wrong, you don’t know what hurt is, you don’t know what love is and what it means to be scared away.
You don’t even have a lick of sense what all this is, not until you are in my shoes.
You’re not the one who’s bearing your child, you’re not the one who was and still is pregnant with your child alone, who has to make a choice in whether or not to get an abortion, or to let it live and to raise it as your own.
Art you left me because you wouldn’t stand up and confess to my mother that you didn’t like her in our relationship! Instead, you used my grades as an excuse for yourself to dump me. You dumped me because it made you feel comfortable and secure, but this is what I call a coward.
Art, you are a coward, and you know deep down in your soul that what you did was more than wrong. Not even that, you had the balls to lie to my face and use my grades as an excuse, how dare you make me the problem, or should I say an excuse to your situation.
I told my mom why you truly dumped me and you know what she said, she said “ha I never was controlling yawls relationship because it’s none of my business. It’s not my relationship its yawls, plus how can control yawls relationship, when I can’t even control my own daughter. All I was doing as should every adult would do when there child is dating, is ask for the other partner’s information. Not just because, but they have to for safety. My daughters safety comes first, and if Art has a problem with me asking for his info than he should have confronted it to face to face with me, and not had used your grades as an excuse to dump you”. She also said “all she wanted was your info and now that she has it she won’t be bothering with us again, especially you”.
So frankly Art, your idea of controlling of our relationship was not the case at all, but how my mother wanted your info for my safety. She never was controlling our relationship and you knew it, you were just insecure of her asking for your info, and if that’s the case, than my mother was right, you should have confronted her face to face if you didn’t like it, and not use me as an excuse.
But for now, this is not the case, the case right now, is that I’m pregnant with your child, and you have the nerve to tell me that I should get rid of it because you can’t handle a child. If you knew you couldn’t handle it, then why did you insist to have sex in the first place? Wait, I forgot, is ant it because you said "oh, but I’m really horny for you and it’ll feel good, plus we won’t get caught”. Those were your exact words to me, before we started to have sex. Plus, I said “no” multiple times but you wouldn’t listen, so I let it happen.
You know what; I don’t regret having it now, because in order to get it through your thick skull Art, I had to get pregnant.
Art, pay back is a bitch and what I’m fixing to tell you will hurt you more than ever.
Art, when I called you to tell you I was pregnant, and that I would get rid of it the next day. Well the truth is, when my friend took me to the doctor the next day, I had 2 choices whether or not to get an abortion. I choose to keep it, not because I wanted to but because it’s what we had created when we were together. I called you afterwards and told you that I got rid of it. I lied because I wanted you to know how it felt when you lied to me, and the pain that you caused to me, to go back to you.
Listen Art, it’s only a matter of time that my parents will find out about my pregnancy; and don’t tell me “not to tell my parents about it because it’s between us Art”. Question is; where is the us now, mph? There isn’t any us anymore, there is only I, so, I will tell my parents about it sooner or later. For it doesn’t matter in what you say anymore, because were not together anymore!
The only person you can blame is yourself, and only yourself, but I will give you a choice