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I enjoy art every single day. I enjoy watching movies; I listen to a wide range of music, all forms from rock, R&B, gospel, contemporary, classics, hip hop, pop, jazz etc. I have several forms of art embedded on my body (tattoos). Sometimes a song is meaningful because it is a memory a person that I hold dear to me. I have body art that has specific meaning for a particular time in my life. Each tattoo tells a story, each one reminds me of a time in my life that was very important to me. On a day to day basis I sometimes lose sight of the important things from my past; my body art is a constant reminder of those things. Often times I get busy with everyday things that sometimes I forget where I came from. I have my body art as a reminder of things that I have been through both good and bad, they remind me each day to set the pace. One particular tattoo is from a troubled time where I was lost within myself and when I see it daily, I acknowledge my growth as an individual. I have a sense of pride of how far I’ve come and the things that I have accomplished since that time. It reminds me of my drive that I know have and it keeps me balanced, it keeps me humbled. So while I have had my body art for years, I can’t say that my art doesn’t affect my life every day because it does. That was my primary reason to get art on my body, a daily reminder of those things I value most. In art, you are able to make something beautiful out of the ordinary. As an artist you are capturing your impressions of a scene before you. Art is work that is put together by an individual or individuals. It is a creative act that is used as a form of expression from the artist. Art can be inspiring and can influence a society in many ways. Art work is seen through not only pictures (tattoos) but through music as well as acting. Acting is an expression that one makes of itself. Acting is important to a society because it is a form of entertainment. Many rely on going to plays as well as watching television. Without these forms of art, it would be difficult for one to stay entertained. I value art being expressed through body artistry. I believe tattooing in itself is art. It is a form of self-expression a person. The tattoo artist is showing ones skill to master drawing (tattooing) and the individual receiving the tattoo is displaying the artwork. Without being judgmental I’m not quite sure you can exactly say what art is not. I am a very open-minded and free-spirited person; I do not define an art or artistry by the contemporary definition. Graffiti, painting, poetry, acting, music, and tattooing are all things one masters. So to me those things are considered art. By definition art is a “skill acquired by experience, study, or observation”. Those skills may vary to each individual eye; therefore all things in my opinion are some form of art. There are many criticisms to the art of tattooing. Tattooing is a personal expression that someone puts with thought that it will be a permanent inking punctured in their skin. There are many forms of tattooing, including permanent inking, henna, Mehdi, and body painting which are all temporary markings. A lot of people criticize individuals ink for their own personal disdain for this form of art. It is often frowned upon from some claiming it to be distasteful, unprofessional and downright disgusting to some. With art being a self-expression and understanding from an individual, others may not feel that it is a proper way to express one’s self. However who is to say which way a person chooses to express themselves is incorrect? That is where freedom of speech and self-expression become compromised. The way one individual sees art should not reflect how others choose to see it. It is important for people to understand that just because “you” don’t agree with a form of art does not make it any less of any art. It only makes one form not your preference and another of your