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Artist Statement
Edith Hu My artwork is the expression of the song “leave the earth’s surface”. Though my art, I encourage enhanced the awareness between the earth and the universe, conveying a justification of our passion towards our future dream and freedom. Utilizing my own voice, I intend to impact others (include teenager and adults) consider the troubles that teenagers had. Heavily driven by my artistic intention to address the song throughout the creative process, my piece is an in­direct reflection of the song. The city symbolize the reality, where the troubles and happiness come from the reality. Additionally, the color choices possess important messages not apparent at first sight. A variety in the selection of colors in the city efficiently corresponds to the numerous different things that we experienced in our life. On the other hand, the outside universe symbolized our imagery world and the cloud in the sky represents our passion of looking for new things. The color of the cloud also changed from dark to bright represent a process that we “throw away your trouble” therefore the white bird fly out of the earth correspond with the lyrics
“jump higher and higher abandoned the earth.” Due to the fact that human cannot fly by their own bodies, I used bird as a symbol. Throughout the production process of my painting, I encountered several challenges that enhanced my problem­solving abilities and imagination. The first challenge brought