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Elizabeth Cardona
May, 31,2014

Personal Artist Statement Something that inspires me to make art is how open it is, you can draw anything you want to express. If you were only to draw certain things , I think it wouldn't be that fun and inspiring.
Sometimes I draw when I am bored and I also get inspired by music. Depending on the type of music that I hear that's sometimes what I would interpret.Sometimes artist's artwork look so amazing that it inspires me to try to do something like their artwork. Trying to send a positive message also inspires me. For my first artwork I used charcoal pencils and a red marker. For some white spots i used the white charcoal.For example the lamps and their shadows in the floor
I used one point perspective. With the red marker i tried to grab people's attention because most of the color is black and white. To spread the charcoal I used a paint brush instead of using my hand. The paper I used was watercolor paper. I used watercolor paper because I like the way the charcoal stays and because the paper doesn't rip easily. For my second artwork I also used charcoal pencils. The white charcoal was also used on the trees and lamps. I also used one point perspective. Value was also used so that the trees could look real. I used a picture taken in the afternoon. For the last artwork I used charcoal pencils. The paper I used was drawing paper. I used a ruler for the house. Also the white charcoal pencils was used to highlight tye parts that are supposed to be with light . Value was also used. I took a picture in he afternoon for reference. The first artwork was about how people dream or have dreams of becoming someone or they dream of things that sometimes are not possible for them to do. The dream is at the end of the path and the reality is where you are holding the artwork, because the only