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As seen through these eyes responses
1a. I define art as a creative and unique way in which an individual expresses their ideas or emotions. This may include things such as books, plays, musicals and many other important ways. 1b. I think that memory is defined as the events or ideas which a person has experienced and stores away for later use. I also believe that memory is often used as a guiding stone for future decisions that we make based on our experiences in a similar situation.
1c.The artist could have meant that he wants his emotion or idea to stand forever and serve as way of remembrance of the past so that we learn from our mistakes and do not proceed in making them again. I also believe that the author might not want that moment of history to be lost in time but to be remembered for future generations to come to pay tribute to whomever or whatever the art is about.
2. The smallest sketch can give the artist a sense of control and freedom because it allows them to express themselves which otherwise they might not be able to do. It also allows them to create every single element of their art which makes them feel like they are in control.
2a. When Samuel Bak says that cultural expression gave people a meaning of living he means that without cultural expression people would have nothing to live for. If they did not have this then they would simply be slaves with no purpose in life but to face many hardships. Without it there would have been many more suicides.
2b.Art, music and dance increases my satisfaction with daily existence because it helps give me an extra element to my life. It helps to spice things up and add change and happiness it helps you to become proud because of these great things which exist in your culture.
2c. If these things ceased to exist I think that life would be much more dull because there would be no special way in which one would be free to express oneself. This could then lead to more depression but also a very more quiet and