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HR (October 2014) intake
Assessment 1

Question One (16 marks)
Read the following case study “Working Holiday Incident”, research Health and Safety in employment in New Zealand and then write your own answers to the questions below relating them where possible to the case study.
a) Explain two main responsibilities under the current HSE Act for both employers and employees (four responsibilities in total). (0.5 mark each = 2 marks)
b) The case “Working Holiday Incident” states that DVDs and a booklet were used to show safe work practices and presumably, to identify hazards at the pack house. In order to make the site-specific DVD, a hazard identification exercise would have been carried out. Explain in detail how
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Dieter’s co-worker and his supervisor were able to pull him away from the stacker and start emergency first aid. Management called emergency services, the Department of Labour, and the employer (Adecco) immediately. Dieter, who was severely injured, was rushed to hospital for emergency procedures and surgery.
The client was unable to reach Adecco by phone in the early hours of the morning when the incident occurred. But as soon as contact was established (some hours later) Adecco’s staff quickly mobilised, a German-speaking staff member was found in the Auckland office, and Dieter’s parents were contacted, and told of his accident and stable condition. Adecco organised a conference call with the parents and the doctors, with the help of the German-speaking staff member as interpreter.
By coincidence Dieter’s parents had already booked a flight to New Zealand that was in two weeks’ time. They changed that to fly almost immediately. Adecco also paid to accommodate the parents during their stay, and arranged for the interpreter to stay locally as well. Taxi vouchers and food items were also provided for the duration of their stay.
Postscript: Dieter has made a full recovery and has only light scarring. Adecco were found to have carried out Health and Safety practices in line with their policies and the legislation, and no blame was ascribed to them. For reasons of corporate responsibility, Adecco consider each incident individually, and