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Employee Development

By Rosy Aguila

Numerous companies use different techniques to develop an employee. It helps the business become more productive and overall engages associates to work in a high performance. Some companies inquire high standards to meet company’s needs. Employees need to experience self-growth in order to develop within themselves. Self- growth works more effectively when utilizing a development technique. Human resource professionals create various ways to build employee development. A great example of employee growth is when the company offers college courses with a paid full tuition. In Human Resource Management, chapter 7, from Flat World Knowledge, describes of an illustration from a company that offers a college program. “Dick’s Drive-In, a local fast food restaurant in Seattle, Washington, offers $18,000 in scholarships over four years to employees working twenty hours per week.” The goal for most companies is to have a low turnover to lead to high inspiration and accomplish a high retention rate. Whether companies use online or software techniques, as long as performance appraisal interacts in their work environment or culture, self-motivation will increase high performance. A system that is commonly used in companies is known as performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is the process of gaining employee retention by letting him or her know how well they are performing at work. There are many companies in the world that are trying to expand and retention is a high value within the businesses. Smart and Final is one of the largest corporations in the State of California and the company is still growing. One of the most effective programs that Smart and Final use to contribute in high retention is known as Spotlight. Spotlight is a website that offers opportunity for all peers to give recognition in a post for all Smart and Final workforce to see. Recognition always contributes for self-actualization for employees because it builds higher standards in their work performance. Just by having employees become more involved in certain program such as Spotlight can be immense. The act of recognition should be given at any time of the day, all day, and everyday because it plays a major roll in performance appraisal. Overall, creating a high retention will decrease a high turnover because most companies want employees to be long-term to accomplish goals or key results. A method that is used to appraise performance by utilizing several sources to determine the employee’s efficiency is through 360-dregree performance appraisal. Perhaps, this method can become retaliatory. For example in Human Resource Management, chapter 11, from Flat World Knowledge, describes about the Mathewson v. Aloha Airlines’ case. “Peer evaluations were found to be retaliatory against a pilot who crossed picket lines during the pilot’s union strike against a different airline” Human resources created a software program to eliminate such a time-consuming process. There are many different programs that have the 360 feedback such as Halogen 360. It’s a program that