Assignment 1 Essay

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My Leadership Profile
Deepak Lal
Jack Welch Management Institute
Dr. Jamie Chesler
JWI 510: Leading in the 21st Century
April 24, 2016

Executive Summary
All leadership styles are unique and executed via a well-thought out process. This paper reviews the leadership and managerial opportunities I have had in my recent work experiences. The experiences mentioned in this paper range from my first work engagement to the current role I am assigned as a Senior Financial Analyst. There are examples which explain the aspects that have impacted my leadership skills. This paper also examines the possibilities of inventing a unique leadership style that will align with Jack Welch's four principles and eight Rules. Furthermore, it provides the
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Usually, Accountants are known for cutting costs; therefore, in order to add value to my role, I ventured into a mission of finding a means of retiring compensation in some way. Since this airline organization was required to keep a minimum amount of monetary balance in every country our aircraft flew into, I developed a plan that was simple but defined. How could these funds sit waiting to be utilized mainly for expenses generate revenue? Short-term investments were the answer. This concept materialized as a result of a change in the behavior of the company leadership after defining the Values and Missions. Apparently this idea worked. Funds were earning interest as high as 3% in interest while sitting idle. Furthermore, I started moving funds to the banks which yielded higher interest with a caveat to allow the funds to go back in the country if needed for primary use. The cost to do this was easily offset by the interest earned.
Being Candid - Stepping up the thought process
As a Senior Financial Analyst in my most recent role, I had been regularly noticing that all newly hired employees were being trained by the "older" employees. I saw a flaw as there was no processing document in existence for any of the functions and on top of that there was no accountability of the changes in technology. This was a concern because when "older" employees leave the company, they will take the process with them. Also, the "older" employees will