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Tracey Glymph
The biggest problem our teenagers face is negativity. More than often the negativity is selective. The media plays a very big role in how our teenagers are presented to the world. I can turn on the news, or go on the internet and there is always something negative, rarely anything positive. What can parents do? Parents can motivate their children to not only stay out of trouble but also remain in school. Om order for high school students to be motivated they should be encouraged, challenged and should have oral support.
I believe that parents should have a heart to heart with their teen about how important education is because in life anything is possible if a teen is willing to take responsibility for themselves, work hard, study harder, and pursue their dreams. From elementary school to middle school to high school their chances at life increases as well as their chances of getting a job, and it provides them with the necessary tools to be successful. Being educated will inspire a young person’s mind and open the door to opportunities that without it they may not be there. Education will open a teens eyes and their mind to what this world has to offer. One thing I have noticed is that children do so well when they are achieving their academic goals. By rewarding them on their academic achievement they will always strive to do better. I believe that giving kudos and high fives make a great difference; it builds confidence and helps them feel good about their achievement. Acknowledgement is another form of encouragement, acknowledging a teen’s success, whether it be their teacher or parent, it will always encourage them and give them the extra push that they may need to keep moving forward and continue to work hard to become successful.
The teens of today should be challenged for a number of reasons to help them continue to understand that they have the capability of being successful in life. By challenging them they will have some kind of expectation of what is expected of them. Parents and teachers have to set expectations on behavior, how to behave inside and outside of the classroom and the home. I believe that how a student conducts themselves is how they will perform. If they conduct themselves poorly they will perform poorly but if they conduct themselves with dignity and excellence their performance will show that dignity and that excellence. The expectation should be set to be prepared for anything. From turning in assignments and taking exams at school to being prepared for anything that may come their way outside of school or home. But the most important part of this is that the student knows what the expectations are and what they mean. Another way to challenge a teen is to set reachable goals. By setting goals students will improve their academic performance. The student will be able to see what they have done and what they are capable of doing. Keeping a journal of what the goals are and marking when they have