Autobiography Of My Life

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My name is Janae Davis. I’m 17 years old and attend Miami Northwestern senior high. But, that was not my first school; before I went to northwestern, I attended St. Thomas Aquinas in ft. Lauderdale. I had a great time there playing basketball, running track, and being in clubs like best buddies and marine biology. I was livid when my parents told me I had to leave because it was in the middle of my junior year and I already invested so much time and money in a place I knew I belonged, so I couldn’t see myself going anywhere else. I then started going to the west and my first day was crap, I was all alone in a completely different environment, with people I didn’t know. I am not a quiet person, and rarely took things seriously, and ask anyone I know, i'm the biggest goofball of life; but I couldn’t be who I really was because I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I’m usually the class clown; I’ve been that way since the fourth grade, when I knew getting in trouble for talking too much was getting old. At the same time I always got my work finished before or on time, which in class gave me too much time on my hands and only resulted to me causing a distraction for everyone else. (Honestly, I can’t imagine this from you. You seem so level headed. Should I be nervous? )

That reputation followed me all the way to the 8th grade. But I think what eventually slowed me down a little in middle school was the seriousness I was stared to have toward sports, but, mostly basketball. I’ve been playing basketball since the 5th grade, but it never quite fully caught my attention because I was always playing other sports, like gymnastics, softball, and cheering. When I got to middle school and my coach in the 8th grade told me if I just kept working and focused more on school and basket, by the time I got to my junior year of highschool I could acquire basketball scholarships to help me for college if I wanted to go and that was definite yes. The only college I ever wanted to go to since I was 9 was University of Florida. Going to that school and studying pre law was the only thing I wanted to do with my life. Everyone told me I would make a great lawyer because I had a well-equipped vocabulary and a great debater; I never backed down