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Personal statement
I have completed my Bachelor in Law from Bangladesh in 2006 and I have arrived in London for a Higher National Diploma (HND) with English Language course dated from 2006 to 2009 at Elverson College. I had just completed one year English language course by October 2007. I started Foundation in Law from November 2007 according to the instruction of my college authority so that I can smoothly accomplish the Bachelor in Law. Next to the foundation programme I have also completed a Diploma course on that subject in November 2009. I was the encouraged to hunt the Masters programme in Business Administration as there was opportunity from Ealing. Hammersmith and west London College under University of Wales. After finishing my 2 years PSW I have been maintaining CIMA course under st Patricks College and finished First 8 modules. I also had visa up to march 2007.
However, I am not satisfied with my present employment and social position. Therefore I am now incredibly convinced to carry on my further study in relation to a professional career. Resulting, I am keenly desired to get admission in CIMA(Path) because this course is directly related to my business career. In addition, after securing CIMA I will be skilled and knowledgeable, professionally that will lead me to an executive position like Financial Director or Head of Finance in multinational company or I can manage my own business as I have the plan to establish in course of time. Furthermore my living