Essay on Bananas: Advertising and Target Audience

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Individual Assignment

Creating Ads: Branding theory

You are the creative director of the The MARK101 University of Wollongong Advertising Agency. You have been approached to develop a series of 4 print advertisements for Brand X (you decide which one)

as they are thinking of changing their existing advertising agency and are seeking new ideas from

advertising agencies. Along with the advertisement you are asked for a brief report (2000 words) on the

brand and how you perceive that it is going relative to competitors. As a tip watch the Gruen Factor on ABC TV. What you need to do: • Pick a brand …. any you want to To prepare your report you need to include: 1. Describe the product/brand and provide a brief company description/history (max. 150 words) 2. Identify its customers and the main ways that the target audience is currently reached by media (max.

150 words). 3. Explain that you understand the current positioning and target audience of the product or company you

have chosen and identify the strengths or weaknesses of the brand as you see it relative to its top (2)

competitors (max. 500 words). Importantly JUSTIFY how you came to that conclusion. 4. Then explain whether or not you would continue with that positioning or try a different approach

depending on your analysis of the target audiences that you have identified through segmentation. (max.

400 words). 5. Ultimately you will have to convince your tutor that your ads can do better or are just as good (e.g.,

increase awareness, sales. etc.) than the existing advertising and that they should swap over to your firm.

Show your ads and explain what you have placed in them, explain the imagery, etc. (max. 500). 6. Your final sales pitch, why we should swap to your advertising agency! (max. 300 words) Report template: Coversheet Table