Essay about Barack Obama and American Dream

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American dream
People from all over the world have come to America, and everybody that has immigrated to America wants to achieve the American dream. The three main parts of the American dream are; new Eden, believe in progress, and the importance of the individual. For example new Eden is to believe that America is the land of opportunity that anyone can come to succeed and start a new life. Believe in progress is the believe that if we work hard will achieve anything and obtain the pursuit of happiness. The importance of the individual is that if you want to succeed in America you must live as an individual. The modern era of the American dream have a lot of similarities with the twenty one century which is that they both believe in the new Eden and in the belief in progress. Also the modern era and the twenty one century have differences which are that the modernist preached to rely on themselves to achieve different goals, but the twenty one century believes to helped and rely on each other. In November of 2007, Obama gave a speech about the American dream and he explain that if one generation of a family succeeds that the next generation is most likely to achieve the American dream also. The modernists wanted to achieve a goal so they can get to the American dream, but after a while they began to lose faith in the American dream. Fitzgerald belief was in the individual triumph, and the belief in progress, he never liked the ideas of the new Eden. In the individual triumph made people to experiment with different type of style which this led to the rejection for a lot of Americans on their values and beliefs. Many of the modernists stopped believing in what the American dream really was and started thinking that the American dream was all about money. In the book “Gabsy,” Myrtle says that “her voice is full of money,” all she really cares about is how wealthy someone is and how she wants to be rich as well and this is where Fitzgerald gets his idea from. This quote is an example represent on how the modernist were disillusioned about the American dream. Since the United States been founded and has grown for many years, the American dream has lasted till today. The American dream has change over the years, and now a days it consists job wages that will support a family, a secure and dignified retirement, dependable and affordable health care, and education and opportunities for our kids. Most of the Americans of the twenty century have more faith in the American dream. President Barack Obama believes that any American can achieve the American dream and if you just work hard for it you will achieve the American dream. Before Obama became president, in November 7, of 2007 he gave a speech about the American dream and he says: “Because those dreams – American dreams – are worth fighting for. And because I wouldn’t be standing on this stage today if it weren’t for the dreams of those who came before me.” (Obama 8) Obama and his family is an example of the American dream. People from the twenty century and Obama have more faith in the American dream and there setting examples each day and how to achieve the American dream so more people can still believe in the American dream. The modernists and the people from the twenty one century