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Do you believe that a leader can change the culture of their organization? Barclays’ chairman, Anthony Jenkins, has been talking about culture change since taking the reins of the organization last year. He has also stated that banks must prioritize reputation over profits if they are to overcome cultural problems across the industry. Just last week, Jenkins unveiled new values for the organization: respect, integrity, service, excellence and stewardship. It certain seems that he is laying the groundwork for a cultural shift.

This particular attempt at culture change is generating a lot of media attention. Last week, The Guardian published a strategic review of the efforts underway at Barclays. Specifically, they asked five experts give their views on how to change culture of UK banks. And here, in summary, is what the experts believe is required:

Chief executive with a strong, simple vision clearly communicated
Clear vision, a strong, transparent strategy and, importantly, good communication
Clear and open in communicating what you want to achieve
Walk the talk. But it is not just about behaviours, the rewards also have to have a different focus
Re-establish trust among its customers, employees, investors and the public
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It is clear the experts do not have single correct answer. Why?

Culture change is complicated. Many leaders want “it”. They want to change “how the work gets done” as part of launching a new