Baseball Personal Statement

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The future is a mysterious place and can be intimidating. No one ever truly knows what is in store for them; the same applies to me. Nevertheless, I have honed in on my true passions which I desire to pursue. Hood College is a school I have fallen in love with. At Hood College, I wish to major in Political Science and History. The latter is a huge aspect of my life and I enjoy it very much. The former I have been interested in ever since I first heard former U.S.House of Representatives Ron Paul speak; what he said about government spending and going against the Patriot Act got me into the world of politics. At Hood, I would also like to contribute to the Hood Baseball Program. Baseball has been an immense passion of mine ever since I was eight years old. Baseball is one of the sports where many attend and yet very few understand. Many people believe that Baseball is simple; this is largely due to the ease that professional baseball players seem to project, but that is exactly why they are deemed professionals. However, in reality it is not simple nor easy; you must think on every pitch, every out, and every play what you are going to do. Baseball history is stunning and has helped change and mold the culture of the United States. I love the smells and sounds of baseball, the crack of the bat and …show more content…
Ever since the third grade when my mother, sister and I went to Gettysburg battlefield I have been hooked. History to me is a timeless passion; it can never be erased, it can never be broken and it can never be useless. History teaches us how to make our own mistakes and learn from them rather than just repeating the same action. People who ignore history are those who repeat it. The Cold War, the Russian Revolution, and World War II intrigue my mind and very soul. What I love about history the most is the fact that I will never stop learning from it because we are always learning from the past to make a better