Becoming a Fashion Designer Essay

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Steve Mergarten
Mrs. Malaspino
English 12 A
November 28, 2009
Becoming a Fashion Designer
Cynthia Nellis, in her column “Day in the Life of a Fashion Couture Designer”, says, “... nothing is ever typical in the world of day is ever 'routine', although we begin and end each day more or less the same: in early, out late.” Working as a Fashion Designer is a very busy, hard and challenging job. You have to provide a lot of strengths in creativity, marketing and determination; to be successful. The purpose of this paper is to give information on the subject on fashion design, and to intend to show how fashion design works. Several questions will be addressed in this research paper. What is a usual work day look like? How
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In addition, students must take some classes to prepare to enter an art institute college. They should also take other academic classes such as fine arts, home economics, mathematics, and chemistry to meet the requirement to obtain high school diploma. Students should also take other extra curricular art classes to further develop their skills and to prepare a portfolio. You need a portfolio in order to be accepted in any art school you attend. The portfolio is essential to enter Art College. A portfolio is a book that you gather to display your work. You must prepare a year in advance to enter the college that you desire. Some colleges will occasionally offer a four year program, but two year or sometimes three year programs are most common (Farr). Fashion design can be a very rewarding business, but can very widely based on the employer and amount of experience (Chao). A very famous designer can make millions a year just by employing others, while a local lesser-known designer would have to struggle and work harder to receive even close to the amount of income. This low income status is the way almost all fashion designer's careers start. Many designers are on salaried income, and they tend to get paid more than most freelance designers. Though this is the case most often, there are notable exceptions. Many self-employed fashion designers make more than salaried ones, even though they have to pay for their own benefits and