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Global History
08 November 2013
Ms Morgan
Belief System; Christianity and Judaism Around the world there are many different types of belief system being practiced. Some are similar and some are different. They also have major followings that influence the cultures and governments in the practiced area. In this historical context you will be educated about 2 of the many major religions in the world.
It is a simple fact that the Christian Tradition finds its roots in Judaism. Jewish men founded some of the first Christian churches. Because Christianity came about from the teachings of Jesus, it is important to understand where Jesus came from and what inspired His preaching. Most historians agree that Jesus probably attended the local synagogue and "gained there at least an oral familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures and the demands of Pharisaic Judaism." As He grew older, He was influenced by the teachings of John, a preacher from a nearby town. John explained that in order to pass from Earth to the Kingdom of God, one had to be baptized. Because of his teachings, John was executed by the State.
Jesus soon began his own path in preaching. He took much of John's preaching to heart, but Jesus set out to show that the Kingdom of God was present on earth. He showed this by performing miracles of healing and exorcism. Like John, Jesus was executed for his words. But he had developed a following. His apostles, after the resurrection, preached the good news. Their words were directed at Jews. In fact, the leaders of the movement, which would later turn into Christianity, saw themselves as Jews. "Therefore, the 'Jesus movement' could quite properly be seen as a sect within Judaism."
Why though, is it important to understand Christianity's root in Judaism? It is important to know the connectedness of these two religions for the same reason it is important to know who one's own parents are. Judaism is the parent of Christianity. It, in essence, gave birth to the Christian Tradition. By truly understanding where these traditions came from, a Christian can better understand why they are practiced. Furthermore, through mutual understanding, different religions can live in peace together. This idea of peace between religions is called ecumenism. "The spirit of ecumenism has produced a conspicuous increase in the amount and quality of fraternization."
This paper sets out to show what unbreakable links tie Christians and Jews together, as well as what has set them apart so violently. An understanding of these two deeply connected religions can heighten understanding and ecumenism. It can make clear the ignorance of such religious hatred, which even now, in perhaps the most successful age of ecumenism, continues to destroy nations.
The history of Judaism and the history of the Christian Tradition are heavily intertwined. For centuries the two have lived together side by side. It is important to understand exactly how the two survived together around the time of the birth of Christianity before we look at how the two survive in each other's shadows today.
"Long before the second century the Jews had been granted a number of unusual concessions by the Romans - for example, the right to observe Sabbath, to refuse military service, and to substitute prayers for the emperor in place