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The Best Government A government is expressed as the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states as well as the direction of the affairs of a state. Since the begging of time many governments have been created, but which one is the best? It’s up to the people that are ruled by these governments to decide, and this is why they should have an influence in what goes on. The most flourishing of governments have always had those people have a voice in the government that rules them and never have a person who has all the power. A government cant exist if it doesn’t provide for law and order, safeguard their people and to galvanize the public good. Enlightment philosophers such as John Locke believe that people are naturally good. Good people, are those who warrant a say in the government that rules them, but this doesn’t mean there is no such thing as bad people and that’s where laws need to be put in place. Voting on subjects and leaders every so often is necessary in such a system because times change rapidly and unpredictably. But, throughout time a natural law has molded that necessitates an assurance that every person within the nation is allowed to pursuit liberty, life and happiness as stated by Thomas Jefferson. The people of a country should never feel endangered; the government should have an army that safeguards it from foreign and domestic danger. With a strong army and law enforcement it allows there to be domestic opulence and also helps parsimoniously by creating jobs. The ideal style of government would follow a federal organization. So long as there is a constitution that can constraint the role of the federal powers there is no reason that a government like such shouldn’t flourish. It is essential to separate powers and thus there should be an executive branch that makes laws and carries out municipal policy. There should also be a judicial branch, which quarrels the clarification of the law, and a legislative that premises these laws. The three branches are required to check and balance the other to ensure that no branch is more powerful than the other. Under federalism, each level of government has dominion in some regions, but at the same time most of the power must come from the federal level. The states are granted their own powers and can make their own laws as long as it is doesn’t impede on a federal level or take away from the natural rights of the people that are delivered in its