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Team Normal Force
Per. 5

Gear Calculations

The purpose of this assignment is to understand the way a bicycle gear works and to see whether or not the rubber chain would create more torque and power than a normal metal bicycle chain would.

The equation that is to calculate the power of a bicycle chain is power

Pin = Pout (frictions is negligible)
P = work/time
P = (force x distance)/time
P = force x velocity

Gear Inches:
Gear inches is a system that assigns numerical measurements to bicycle gear ratios, to indicate how low or high a gear is.

Diameter of drive wheel in inches × number of teeth in front gear / number of teeth in rear gear.

gi = gear inches dwd = drive wheel diameter fct = number of front chainring teeth rct = number of rear sprocket teeth

Our Bike Gear Inches

gi = 12in x (30/10)

gi = 12in x 3

gi = 36 gear inches

The gears and rubber chain had to be able to produce more torque and acceleration than a normal metal bike chain to be successful. The way that this would be calculated was by using the power equations which is Pin = Pout. They are equal to each other because friction is negligible and they had to follow the law of conservation of energy. The energy loss percentages for bike chains can go from five percent to eighty percent depending on the bike chain and wheel size. Another thing that had calculated was gear inches of the bike. A gear inch is a system that assigns numerical measurements to bicycle