Bill of Rights Essay

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In 1787, the conflicting parties of the Federalists and the Antifederalists sparked the major debate regarding the Constitution. The main concern from the Antifederalists was they feared the Constitution would create a federal government that would be too strong. However, some American leaders were concerned about the liberties that were just fought for would be lost. The emerging fear of overwhelming control, and to a lesser extent the protection of individual liberties, resulted in a compromise and the establishment of the Bill of Rights. The bill of rights limits the government’s power and protects the citizens. Their first main concern was the freedom of religion and to make sure no laws were made against it. The first amendment is the freedom of speech, press, and freedom to petition. To protect citizens from the government in any physical way, the second amendment is the right to bear arms and form a militia to go against the government when necessary. The third amendment is a direct result of the Quartering Act, saying no soldiers can stay in citizens’ homes. This protects them from a too powerful government like the British. The fourth amendment is also a direct result from the Writs of Assistance, saying people’s belongings cannot be searched unless they have a legitimate reason and they state the reason. The fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth amendment protects citizens from the court system; everyone is innocent until proven guilty, cannot be convicted twice for the same incident, they have a right to a fair trial, and penalty and bail has to be reasonable with the crime committed. The citizens of the U.S. want to make sure the government does not have too much power and