Bill of Rights Essay

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Bill of rights essay rough draft. Without the Bill of Righhts, America would be totall choas! The ten amendments keep all the crazy people of the world in line so to speak.As well as set general laws to protect all humans natural rights. Every amendment has a specific meaning, to protect the people of the
United States, and are all very important. The most important however, are amendments one, eight, and fourteen.
Paragraph 1­
Amendment one states that all people(s) are entitled to the right of freedom of speech press, religion, petition, and assembly. This means that everyone in the United States can say what they want, and believe what they want. It also means that people have the right to disagree in writen formation, or to disagree publicly as long as inturuption to daily life is not ocuring. This is very important because without being able to say and think what one wants, there is no origanality. All people would be conformed to the same mold of what they can and can’t think, say, or do. Along with peer preasure and media, it is hard enough to be your orgianal self without conforming to the beliefs of others. That is why this amendment is so important: It lets a person be who they really are!
Paragraph 2­
As well as being able to do, think, and say what you want to, being treated right is just as, if not more, important as well! In the eighth amendment, it states that cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited, no matter the case. That means that no punishment can be given to a person if it is painful, or repulsively slow. This amendment protects United States citizens against being punished in any way that is considered cruel or unusual, such as hanging, or using a firing squad. If this amendment was not put into place, our generation would still be stuck in the 1690’s! The importance here, is that if punishment in which the person(s) indure pain was legal, the world would be a cold, cruel place. Along with that, no alternative punishments would be given, so we would never evolve with our court system, because there would be no need to control the people in any other way.
Paragraph 3­
As A final point, another exteremly important amendment tothe constitution is the 14th, which states that the powers of the government are to be split up so that no one section over powers and gians total controll. To clarify, the powers are split up into two sections specifically known as the delegated powers, and the reserved powers.