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Issue Paper 1
Is the family of todays society deteriorating, staying the same, or getting stronger? In my opinion, the status of today's families are getting stronger. I also think that family is the most important thing for a person to acquire and maintain in order to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I believe that the acceptance of certain lifestyle choices and families eating together at dinner are ways that the family is getting stronger.
The family as a whole has slowly started to accept a variety of different things that have previously been frowned upon. In these things, I include the acceptance of homosexuality and women in the workplace. The world as a whole has started to see homosexuality as something more than just a sin. People have started to think on their own and not follow their typical family's religious preference. In saying this, I want to reiterate myself. Homosexuality was always frowned upon by people as a whole because it was sin in its most natural form. Nowadays, people have learned that homosexuality isn’t such a bad thing because people are people. Skin color, age, religious preferences, and gender are not huge things that separate people anymore. In the family, there are sometimes circumstances where two women or two men may raise children. I asked my grandmother and she said that in her time, you never saw things like this. She said that people were too ashamed to show themselves in public if they were homosexual because of how frowned upon that it was. In saying all of this, I believe that since the economy is growing more open to homosexuality, the family is becoming stronger because of the way that people’s mindsets are. We are not as close minded as we used to be. People have started to open their eyes and slowly realize that it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are: we are all people. Homosexuality is the main way that I have seen this example. Homosexual parents that raise children are no different than heterosexual parents, other than their gender preference (Crary).
In today's society, parents have learned their expectations. They need to be able to support their children while also making time to make their children happy and teaching them right from wrong. But how do we do this? Families that prosper and are happy are families that have dinner at the dining table together. This may not sound like much but it has been proven to be an outstanding thing. At the dinner table, children tend to observe their parents. While eating, children will watch their parents to learn and adjust to things such as manners. Now, this can not only be done by watching the parents, the parents have to also guide their children. Parents have become more and more open to discussion with their children and in this discussion, parents can teach their children manners and all sorts of things. At the dinner table, parents have also started to teach their children healthy eating habits. People have started to watch the things they are eating ever since the movie Super Size Me came out. If parents eat healthy, their children tend to watch what they eat at an early age and adapt to this type of healthy meal choice (Morrison). For older children, however, parents have taken new approaches. In opposition to taking a visual and physical approach, parents have learned to take a mental approach to teach their teens