black man confused Essay

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Thomas Andrews
Professor Christina Clarke
May 20, 2015

Protesting has always been a way of showing that you are not happy with the way you are being treated either by your government officials or because of your ethnicity. For year we have seen throughout the world different types of protest some peaceful and some that have turned violent. I just can’t seem to understand why when you are protesting or better yet rioting, which seems to be in my culture the new why of showing that you are not in agreement with decisions or action of others not in the African- American community. In recent months I have seen two different instance where because of deaths to black men caused by the local police that the African-American community decided to show their anger or what they felt was unjust actions taken by the police in forms of riots. During the Civil Rights movements when blacks where treated difeerent from whites and their was no equal opportunity, blacks would protest by marching through the streets of the city throughout the state. Never would you see them riot within their own communities and destroy what little they had. Only when confronted by the police would you see violence begin to take place mostly done by the actions of the police. The protest where largely organized as peaceful demonstrations. I am a black man confused by the recent demostrations that have take place in the past 20 years. I remember the L.A. riots because of the Rodney King verdict. As a 15 year old kid watching the events unfold on t.v. I couldn’t understand why people where destroying their own community. I asked my dad what are they doing and I remember him saying son this is stupid. They are unhappy that the cops got off for wrongly beating this man to near death but instead of protesting around government buildings or in areas where the police headquarters is located their destroying their own community. Son this is stupid. More recently The Ferguson riots because of the Michael Brown shooting, once again rioting as a form of