Black Women Stereotypes

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No woman in America is disrespected as much as black women are. Black women are subject to much more scrutiny and very blatant racism from the world compared to any other in America. They seem to have only three personality types, they don't show emotion, are constantly having an attitude, or are overly sexual. Not given much room to show who they are and what they're really capable of, just restricted to incorrect and disgusting generalizations. Black women also face the worse racial judgement. From being called monkeys, to gorillas, and because of stereotypes they're the least desirable women. Even within their own community they're at the hands of harsh criticisms. Light skinned black women are more desired over darker skinned women and …show more content…
Black women are consistently confined to stereotypes and aren't given much room to show who they really are and what they are capable of. Black women are constantly portrayed as women who are always infuriated, women who are strong, self reliant and don't require the assistance of a man, women who are loud and ratchet “hoodrats”, or they're hypersexual beings. These stereotypes are constantly enforced through media, most TV shows and movies that feature black women always have them in a role that based off of a stereotype. These TV shows and movies are broadcasted and further emphasize these harmful and untrue generalizations of African American women. If a black woman isn't loud, acts rowdy, and talks as if she is illiterate then she is told she is “acting white”. If she's someone who is into the alternative scene then she is “acting white”. If she is a black who speaks eloquently and presents herself in a respectable woman then she is told that she is a woman who is “acting white”. These stereotypes have confined black women into these boxes that they can't seem to get out of and makes it increasingly hard for them to show their