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Course Availability
You must make your course available before students enrolled in the course will be able to view or access the course and its content.

How to Make a Course Available
1. Turn Edit Mode ON. 2. On the Control Panel, expand the Customization section, and select Properties.

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Under the third section, Set Availability, click Yes to make the course available to students. Optionally, under the fourth section, Set Course Duration, choose one of the following options: Continuous (default) to leave the course available without a specified start or end date Select Dates to choose a Start and/or End Date Days from the Date of Enrollment to specify a specific length of time students have to access the course after enrolling. This is the best option for self-paced courses. Click Submit.

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Getting Started with . . .

Course Availability
If you no longer want students to be able to access your course, you can make it unavailable. The course will not be deleted, but students will be unable to access it.

How to Make a Course Unavailable
1. Turn Edit Mode ON. 2. On the Control Panel, under Customization, select Properties.


Under the third section, Set…