Blended learning will good for education in China Essay

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13 March 2014

Blended learning will good for education in China
Knowledge will change someone’s fate. It is very common in any countries, Especially in China. Did you know that The UNESCO world higher education report of June 2003 pointed out that the student of China's schools of higher learning has increased in a very short period of time, and was the world's largest. China education system has been constantly improved amidst reform. However, the education of china also has many disadvantages. Now the education is divided two parts basic education and higher education. For the higher education, the traditional educational system is no longer suitable. To promote the education, china needs to enforce the development of blended learning that can give students more choice, reduce teacher’s work and develop school. I believe blended learning will bring positive effects for education.
Blended learning instead of traditional education system can give students more optional. Do you know according to World Health Organization (2014) states that 360 (328 million adults and 32 million children) million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss? Those people cannot go to class as we are, they have the same right that study like us. Cannon and Newble (2000) write that the variety of students in higher education needs flexible learning and teaching and the guarantee of equity for all of the students. The education of school should give everyone an equal opportunity to study. So blended learning provides a platform for Disabling hearing losing people to learn what they want. Also for us who study in school, blended learning gives us more benefits. According to Perkins Nerlich(2012),” Blended online learning is a form of collaborative learning that incorporates traditional classroom instruction with synchronous and asynchronous online interactions.” Students can use this platform not only for study but also to communication. They through blended learning to collaborative learning, not just study by themselves. They can discuss with other students. This form of learning encourages and promotes growth in communication, informed decision-making, and critical thinking among students (Moore. 2007). As for students, blended learning is a tool which is useful to their study.
Blended learning not only gives students more choice but also can reduce teacher’s works. Suppose that you have thousands of homework to correct or you have lots of things have to remember. Typically for teachers, Emily(2013) argue that teachers use blended learning in a stand of face to face learning, it can save their time that 20% to 50% rather than use traditional education. Using blended learning arrange their schedules and video a class. Both of those types can help teachers reduce the burden. Another essential point is that blended learning is a huge database. According to Lisa (2012),”There are tremendous resources available to us from books to blog posts, videos to white papers that will support an educator to learn about, identify different models of, and seek to begin to utilize blended learning in their practice.” Through using network, teachers share their own experience also can learn from other teacher’s experience. And find information which they want. It is reducing their workload. Promoting blended learning will contribute to the development of the school. If you want to choose a school for a study, you will search information which about this school from Internet or ask someone. Whatever you choose, the hardware facilities are important conditions of school. Eunjoo, O., & Suhong, P. (2009) writes that most universities are using blended instruction delivery format or analyzed data. The school use blended learning to support teachers and students. According to Andrea Perkins(2012), using this system can reinforce cooperation between teachers and students , also can encourage learning,