Block Girl Observation

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For the first few minutes of this observational session the large group near the caretaker holds and the stand alone “block girl” continues to play by herself. Most of the children in the group have since completed the little activities, most of the shells did sink, and I have seen those children whose shells sunk begin to or finish the drawing they were asked to do. Yet, the activities comes to an end as the caretaker’s attention is drawn from the group and instead placed to the parents and new arrivals that showed up around 8:33. Added to the room was another boy and two more girls, making the total of boys 2 and the total of girls now much higher. The boy was quickly captivated by the water, shells, and large group of kids around the table, …show more content…
I shifted my view from the larger group and instead to this new girl as I watch to see the inevitable interactions between her and the block girl. By this point in time, the zoo now consists of three pins, the newest one being sea creatures, and a rather large tower in the center of the area. I expected, due to how much work was put into making the area, for the block girl to be a little bit more controlling of how and what the new girl changes around her. Yet, to my surprise, egocentric behavior I had expected to see did not occur, and the block girl instead welcomed the new girl with open arms, even going so far as to hand her some blocks to play with. I observed the two girls beginning to build a few houses around their zoo for the next perhaps four or five minutes, all the while the two girls seemed to work fairly well together. The original block girl was a bit taller and looked older than the new girl, but she did not dictate how or where something was being built. I turned back to the larger group to see the activity coming to an end, not becuase the caregiver was done explaining what was happening but rather simply becuase the children seemed done with