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Boston, Massachusetts is home to a chain of well-known and talented athletic teams. The Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots and the Bruins are arguably the most popular. Everyone has a different opinion on which team is the best, but that all depends on what the favorable sport is. Boston sport teams have a lengthy history of winning and a lot of successful athletes, coaches and owners have come out it as well. Besides Boston being the most storied sports city of all-time, the incredible fans are what makes it so exciting. Growing up in Boston and being around the so called “ups and downs” of each team, makes it easier to understand how one can be so fanatical. Sports are a major part of the city’s culture. If we’re not at the game watching it, we’re out at a bar watching it, at a family members, or even at home, but it’s always on. The passion that exerts from a Boston Red Sox fan is like no other. Fenway Park is the oldest park in the MLB, giving it a historic feel when there. There were so many other generations of fans attending games in the same seats. It’s something that can be talked about and passed down to in a family. Today, a lot of the professional athletes in this city are seen as athletic heroes representing who we are. But it’s the players of earlier times who paved the way. Names like Larry Bird, Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Ted Williams, Ray Bourque and Bobby Orr come to mind when reminiscing on some of Boston’s greatest. All of these people made major contributions